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Frequently Asked Questions?












Billing and Insurance Frequently Asked Questions?

1.  I'm covered under Medicare. Is there anything I should know about my coverage?

We wouldn’t treat medicare coverage different from any other facility. A non Indian would have to pay the co-insurance of 20% and a Native American patient would receive an adjustment because we are an HIS facitity. In otherwise they wouldn’t have to pay what there insurance wouldn’t pick up. 

2.  I am unable to pay the full amount of my bill at this time. Is it possible to make payment arrangements?

Yes, Are policy is 10% of the current balance of the patient due amount with a minimum monthly payment of 30 dollars a month.

3.  Will you file claims to my health insurance for my services?

Yes, as a benefit to the patient we will file the insurance claim. 

4.  I would like to have some or all of the services associated with a visit treated confidentially so that they are not billed to my insurance. Is this possible?

Yes, simply inform your doctor who is providing the service to you.

5.  Does the Menominee Clinic accept out-of-state Medical Assistance patients.

We accept all patients, however we would not be able to bill out of state. 

6.  My insurance plan requires a co-payment. Will I be required to pay the co-payment when I check-in for my appointment?

If you’re a medial assistance patient you will be required to pay the co-payment before your appointment after you register you will be sent to billing. For all other General insurance patients we balance bills as soon as they adjudicated. 

7.  Why is my baby getting a statement?

Until you bring in enrollment information or birth certificate showing that one or both of the parents are native American then the baby would be reclassified and the baby wouldn’t receive a bill.

8. Is the Clinic open during the Noon Hour?


9.  What is the phone number of the local AFLAC representative?

Rep-Glen McIntosh 715-524-2118 

10.  What OTC (Over the Counter) items can I purchase at the clinic?

OTC item sheet

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 Dental Frequently Asked Questions?

1.  What if I have an Emergency Dental Need?

We have walk in time for urgent needs at 8am and 1pm everyday Monday through Friday.  However The clinic is no longer accepting New patients in the Dental Department,  who are Non-Indian with medical assistance.

2.  How often should I have my teeth cleaned?

Twice a year, sometimes more if needed. 

3.  At what age should I bring my child in for Dental services?

As soon as their first teeth erupt. 

4.  How do you schedule a same day appointment?

We have walk in times available in Dental, Medical Always excepts walkins.

However patients with scheduled appointments will be seen first.


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Pharmacy Frequently Asked Questions?


1.  How long does it take to fill a new prescription?

            It usually takes the pharmacy staff about 15 minutes to fill a new prescription.  It may take more (or less!) time depending on how busy the pharmacy is that day and whether the pharmacist must call your provider to ask about the prescription. 

2.  How long does it take to get a refill?

            We ask that you call in your refills the day before you need them.  New prescriptions are filled first, refills second.  Calling in advance increases the chances that your prescriptions will be ready when you arrive.  Mondays and Fridays are the pharmacy’s busiest days.  It will take longer for the pharmacy staff to fill your prescriptions on these days.   

3.  When does the pharmacy open?

            The pharmacy opens at 8am Monday through Friday.  Four times a year the pharmacy (and clinic) staff attend inservice.  On inservice days the pharmacy opens at 9am.  Signs are posted around the clinic a week or more before clinic inservice days to notify the community of the delay. 

4.  When does the pharmacy close?

            The pharmacy officially closes at 4:30pm.  There is usually a pharmacist in the pharmacy until 4:45pm to fill prescriptions for any patients still in the medical department. (Note:  The exterior doors of the Clinic are locked at 4:45pm.)

5.  Is the pharmacy open over the noon hour?

            The pharmacy is almost always open over the noon hour.  If the pharmacy does close, it is rarely closed for more than 30 minutes. 

6.  How far in advance can I get my prescriptions refilled?

            If we bill an insurance plan for your medications, the time in advance is determined by your plan.   Clinic policy is that we may fill your medications seven days before you will run out, with these exceptions:

            1.  If your prescription is a controlled substance (Rx# begins with C), we can fill it no more than 3 days before you are due to run out.

            2.  If your prescription label says “Must wait at least 30 days before refilling”, we cannot fill it early without your provider’s approval.  If you will run out over a weekend or holiday, we can fill your prescription on the last possible day before the weekend or holiday.

7.  What do I do if my prescription label says “no refills”?

            If your label says “no refills” the pharmacy will not be able to fill the medication without a new prescription from your doctor.  Please allow extra time for the pharmacy to contact your provider.  You may also call your provider directly to request the refill.  If your doctor does not work at the Tribal Clinic, you must contact that doctor yourself to ask for refills. 

8.  Who can get prescriptions filled at MTC pharmacy?

            Any  I.H.S. eligible (enrolled member, descendant of any Tribe) patient may have prescriptions filled at MTC pharmacy.  Non-I.H.S. eligible patients may have prescriptions filled at MTC pharmacy as long as the prescription was written by one of the providers at the Menominee Tribal Clinic.  The pharmacy changed its pricing structure in December of 2002.  For non-I.H.S. eligible patients (especially those without prescription insurance), medications may be less expensive at other pharmacies. 

9.  What if the pharmacy does not stock the medication my provider wants me to take?

            If you are an I.H.S eligible patient, you may contact Contract Health Services about your prescription.  If  you do not have insurance or Medicaid, Contract Health may cover the cost of your prescription at another pharmacy.  For a list of pharmacies that handle Contract Health claims, contact the CHS department at the Clinic. 

10.  Can someone else pick up my prescription for me?

            You can send someone to pick up your prescription.  Whoever you send must be at least 16 years old, and must know your date of birth.   

11.  When do I need to register for pharmacy?

            There are only two reasons to register for pharmacy:

            1.  You are dropping off a prescription that was written by a doctor that does not work at the Tribal Clinic.

            2.  You are picking up refill prescriptions.

**NOTE:  When registering, register for the patient whose prescriptions you are picking up!  For example:  If you are picking up your mother’s prescription, register for your mother, not yourself.

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